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Hochelaga (2000) DVDRip Quebec (Eng.Sub)

In Quebec, the smalltime criminal Marc (Dominic Darceuil) is surprisingly invited to join the Dark Souls, a powerful biker gang leaded by Tatou (Deano Clavet) that is in war against the Devil's Soldier. Marc gets close to his sponsor and begins his initiation process in the gang, hijacking a motorcycle on the road and break-in a house to steal another one. While his best friend Nose (Jean-Nicolas Verreault ) aims to join the Darks, Marc participates in murders of opponents and begins to feel uncomfortable with his new friends. After his last mission, he finds the truth about the Darks.

"Hochelaga" is actually a pointless presentation of the world of criminal gangs of bikers through the eyes and feelings of Marc. Whether intentional or not, this lead character shows an absolute lack of personality and it is impossible to feel empathy for any character of this below average movie. I was completely misled by the overrated IMDb Rating. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Hochelaga – Gangues Sangrentas" ("Hochelaga – Bloody Gangs")

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