fredag, juni 19

the leather boys 1964 divx SP££DTWIN fixed

Tag(s): bikers rockers 60's ace cafe london hells angels triumph norton bsa psychomania cafe racer triton gay rita tushingham dudley sutton wild one easyrider brando

"Very interesting as a period film. If you are into Sixties british bikes and the culture of that time, then you must see this film. There are some excellent shots of the famous Ace Cafe on the North Circular in London. "

"The film is a classic of it's time. Viewed now, the acting can look disjointed or even amateur. That however is the beauty of the portrayal. Set in 1960's Britain, it paints a picture of social order and sexuality being stretched to new boundaries, never before touched by the British cinema in such a manner. Up the Junction, Quadrophenia and many other British 'social culture' films owe much to this timeless work, as it does to it's textual predecessors, namely romeo and Juliet. At a more basic level, it is a period piece, with beautiful motorcycles,road racing scenes, sexy leather and use of the world famous Ace Cafe, which thankfully is now thriving once again. Th plot is simple and does sometimes drag slightly, but that adds to the realism of the film itself. . As much a British Classic as 'American grafitti' is for the US. Definitely one to watch.

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