torsdag, maj 28

Working 'girls' stymie police and neighbors

East 21st Street between Charles and St. Paul, 11 p.m. on a recent night: a rat scurries across an alley; a motorcyclist clad in leather revs his Harley outside a Hells Angels clubhouse; a man wearing high heels, a halter top and a red-and-white striped miniskirt saunters by.

Up the street, another man dressed as a woman - wearing nothing more than shoes, a T-shirt and a thong that reveals, well, almost everything - stands outside the stone edifice of Lovely Lane United Methodist Church.

They're on the streets and on the corners, arguing, fighting, competing for customers and tricks, loudly talking on cell phones to pimps and to drug dealers, and they've turned the Old Goucher part of Lower Charles Village, Calvert and St. Paul and the side streets in between, into an all-night outdoor sex shop.,0,4694811.story

"It's a very difficult problem, it really is,"

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