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The Finks, Hells Angels , Red Devil , Police submit documents on 'outlaw bikie life' TV-FILM

THOSE wanting to join the "invincible empire" of the Finks Motorcycle Club must be "obedient and subservient", ready to "bash up someone" and have a "road-going motorcycle" - not a two-stroke.

Police documents – filed with the Adelaide Magistrates Court to gain a control order against Donald Brian Hudson – purportedly give insight into the lifestyle of the notorious gang.

Hudson, 40, is the first person subject to the Serious and Organised Crime Control Act (2008), and has lodged Supreme Court action to overturn his status.

The thick bundle of documents that led to the ban contains intelligence reports and a copy of what police claim is the club's charter.

That document features an image of "Bung", the jester character from The Wizard of Id cartoon.

In a statement, Criminal Gang Task Force Detective Senior Sergeant Wayne Williamson says the character is central to the Finks' identity.

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