fredag, maj 29

Roar of disapproval thunders against anti-bikie laws

Adelaide outlaw motorcycle club the Finks delight in the catchcry of Bung, the jester in the Wizard of Id comic strip: "The king is a fink."

But this week the South Australian Police launched legal regicide by obtaining two control orders against club members Donald Hudson and Michael Fraser, the first in Australia to feel the weight of the state's draconian new anti-bikie laws.

The club was declared a criminal organisation under the legislation two weeks ago, allowing the imposition of orders that prevent Hudson and Fraser from associating and communicating with other members and associates, and from entering any premises associated with the Finks.

The laws also allow police to seek orders banning declared clubs from specified areas, barring members from displaying colours and insignia, and preventing the purchases or ownership of chemicals and equipment that could be used in the manufacture of illicit drugs. Police may also confiscate wealth and assets gang members cannot explain.

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