torsdag, maj 7

Bandidos creed big on club rules - COURTS: 'All members are your family,' one rule reads

For a bunch of guys who don't want to live by the rules of society, the Bandidos have a lot of rules.

It's not just a motorcycle club for enthusiasts, but a way of life and a religion of sorts that requires strict adherence and reverence.

The tenets of that organized faith were reviewed yesterday by a police officer with expertise in motorcycle clubs and a special interest in the Bandidos.

Lists of bylaws and a Bandidos creed that identifies a Bandido as someone "who has given up on society and politicians' one-way laws" were introduced to the jury at the Bandidos trial by OPP Det. Const. Craig Pulfrey from the provincial biker enforcement unit.

"All members are your brothers and your family," one line of the creed reads.

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