torsdag, maj 14

Facebook group supports Angels

A group on the popular social-networking site Facebook has emerged in support of apprehended Sherbrooke Hells Angels members.
The group was started on April 19th, and has grown to 650 members. The page’s mandate is to give support to members of Quebec Hells Angels chapters who were arrested in the recent SharQc sting operation. The group contains message board posts and messages from group members, showing sympathy and support for the apprehended Angels. Some messages even come from the families of those accused.
Sherbrooke Police spokesman Martin Carrier reported that the force is aware of and monitoring the group’s activities.
He went on to say that while Canada is a democractic country, and people are entitled to their opinions and ideals, law enforcement stands by their arrests and will prosecute the accused perpetrators in court.
32 arrests were made in Estrie, many of them at the Hells Angels’ property in Lennoxville, on April 15th, 2009.

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