fredag, april 10

National crime chief backs uniform laws to stop bikie

A PUSH to have controversial anti-bikie laws adopted nationally has received a boost, with the head of the Australian Crime Commission warning that gangs will move interstate if legislation in NSW and South Australia is not replicated across the country.

With state and territory attorneys-general to meet in Canberra next week to discuss harmonising organised crime legislation, John Lawler said there was a risk that the laws could displace gang activity into neighbouring states.

As police in NSW continued their crackdown on the gangs, arresting a bikie in southern Sydney on Thursday and confiscating cash suspected to be the proceeds of crime, Mr Lawler warned that the global financial crisis was opening up new opportunities for criminals to launder dirty money.

At next week's meeting of the standing committee of attorneys-general in Canberra, the commonwealth will lobby for uniform anti-crime legislation.,25197,25318899-5013871,00.html

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