tisdag, april 21

22 Hell's Angels arrested in Spain

Spanish police have arrested 22 members of the Hell's Angels biker gang in an operation which took place in five provinces. The majority of the arrests – 13 – were in Barcelona , with the remaining suspects taken into custody in Valencia, Málaga, Madrid and Las Palmas. The charges against them range from illicit association, to drugs and weapons trafficking, and extortion.

They confiscated weapons, ammunition, bulletproof vests, one kilogramme of cocaine, 200,000 euros (260,000 dollars) in cash, and objects and books with neo-Nazi symbols or content.

Detenidos al menos 22 miembros de la banda "Los Ángeles del Infierno"

La Guardia Civil mantiene abierta una operación contra la banda 'Los Angeles del infierno' en varios puntos de España. Hasta el momento han sido detenidas 22 personas, -al menos 13 de ellas en Barcelona, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Terrassa y Mataró (Barcelona)-, y el resto en Málaga, Valencia, Las Palmas y Madrid.

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