onsdag, april 15

Senator attacks police war on gangs

THE head of a federal parliamentary committee on organised crime has lashed out at the police war on outlaw bike gangs, saying it was a "distraction" from the fight against the Mr Bigs of the drug trade.

In comments that put him sharply at odds with Attorney-General Robert McClelland, Labor senator Steve Hutchins said the threat posed by bikies did not justify the nationwide introduction of tough anti-bikie laws already in force in NSW and South Australia.

Senator Hutchins said while bikies were involved in the distribution of drugs, police should be focused on the kingpins of the drug trade.

"We've heard people that have a Rolls-Royce for summer and a Rolls-Royce for winter and they're in the social pages of the Sydney papers," Senator Hutchins told The Australian yesterday. "To me, I find them far more objectionable than some boofhead bikie.


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