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mongol rap / EJ MC / Hip, Hope + mongolians rap

Hip, Hope....etc. etc.
Hello, I'm here, the MC Rich. Gonna tell you a little about the Mongols. And me, Genghis and his sons are gonna make you conga. Y'see the Mongols and me go waaay back, and I'll tell you about their start. There were a bunch of warring khans around Central Asia who wanted to tear out the others hearts. With this, they got a , lot of pratice shooting bows, riding on horseback, they were working with hoes (farm implements). They rocked, Ibn Battuta, said that they were solid like a lock. Well so far you've heard my voice, but I brought some friends along, and next on the mic is my man Genghis, that's right, Genghis Khan.
(Now I'm Genghis Kahn)
Check it out, I was the leader of the Mongols from 1206-1227. I unified my people with military force and broke the Great Wall in 1211. I defeated the Tartars and I killed their males, and never really bothered with making jails. I expanded so far, west and east - created the largest empire in history. I made a dynasty in China, took out the Seljuks, expanded north to Kazan and sacked Balkh. I died. In 1227. I left the world with a dying moan, but I had a lot of sons to protect the throne. No one really knows just how I died, but my loyal sons probably poisoned my hide. Mah G's, Mah fellows, its on you, so watchu gonna do?!
(Now I'm Genghis' sons and grandsons.)
Well we're Khans, we're Khans, we're Khans, Khans, we're Khans. We split up the empire when Genghis was gone. We gathered together with our mates, made the five grand Khanates. A lot of our improvements had lasting impacts, we improved our bridges and fixed cities that were sacked. Our unification of our nations helped to spread trade around to places. But the down side to this unity was that the Black Plague killed a bunch of peeps. That's right a bunch of Asian rats got on some ship, sailed all the way to Europe. In that way, our trade benefits, were counterproductive, they spread sickness quite a bit. YOO! MC Richy! We've had enough! Our mellow is on you so watcha gonna do!
Well, as you can see the Mongols made quite a lasting impact on history. They pushed the empires of their age, into the exploration stage. We shouldn't forget the Mongols time, they show that unity can push us to our prime!
**** Freestyle: EC if whole class starts to rap to my

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