tisdag, juli 21

Cuban Harlistas

God created the world in 7 days and on the eight he created Harley Davidson!
A movie to tell us the life of mechanics and lovers, that keep alive, since 3 generations, a 100 vintage Harley-Davidsons from the '40s and the '50s. Harley-Davidson motorcycles were imported during the Batista era in Cuba, and when in the 1962 the United States of America established the "bloqueo", the economic embargo that is still on today, making it impossibile to get replacement parts, Harlistas had to organize and to arrange their motorbikes using hand made spare parts and a lot of creativity.

A movie about life, passion and, of course, vintage Harleys motorcycles!
Leoni di Trinidad with his gorgeous 48' yellow Flathed; Adriana, a lawyer, who goes around with her MOCLA friends, riding her pinkish 750 H-D; Sobrino, a real magician of a mechanic, and Pepe Milésima's apprentice for many years, who rides a H-D trike... much more safer than any two-wheeler, especially if it happens to drink a little too much Rum.

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