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The FREE AUSTRALIA PARTY is truly a grass roots movement consisting of ordinary Australians who have decided enough is enough. It is time to put an end to a government that rules from a top down position claiming sovereignty over the people that put it there to serve them. The FREE AUSTRALIA PARTY is the crest of swelling wave of dissatisfaction with this governments actions, and deliberate inaction over important things like water, health, and workers rights.

This is an update of what we have been up to of late.

Another successful sign up day was held in Murray Bridge with another scheduled for Strathalbyn on July 4 at the Commercial pub on High street. The numbers of people wanting to join the party continues to swell. Please feel free to come along and show your support.

There will be a presentation by Colin Pitman of the Salisbury Council as he talks about his stormwater havesting project on July 16 at St. Lukes in Whitmore Square, Adelaide. This is a specially arranged meeting to fit in with his busy schedule. Colin is responsible for the Salisbury wetlands devolopment and from this work he has great environmental suggestions that the FREE Australia Party considers invaluable. He is in demand throughout Australia and internationally and has made time to come and present his work to us. As such, FREE Australia invites all it’s members, supporters and all interested members of the public to attend.

The Sociialist International association has passed on a message that they are currently drafting a response to our request for information as to how a complaint can be formally lodged against one of its party members.

Have you ever considered why South Australian lawmakers can continue to brazenly disregard international treaties to which our country is a signatory? The reason is that in 1995 it created an "Adminsitrative Decisions Act" that states that our government does not have to consider such treaties if it does not want when making laws. Press HERE to read the full article on our website.

We have made one of our housing policies more public, and will continue to release others as we draw closer to the March 2010 elections. Press HERE to read about it.

A General Meeting will be held tonight (June 29) at St. Lukes Whitmore square at 7:30 - 9pm. This will also be a social event after business is carried out.

We continue to call for people interested in making a stand for Freedom, Rights, Environment and Education as a candidate to contact us so that we can support you in this as you represent the party.

Written by

Craig Hendry

Policy Coordinator - FREE AUSTRALIA PARTY

Main Branch Office
166 Smart Road, St. Agnes
South Australia 5097
Office: (08) 8396 3355

Mobile: 0408 811 824

FREE AUSTRALIA PARTY is now on face book. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Adelaide-Australia/FREE-AUSTRALIA-PARTY/76089178715

Website: http://www.freeaustralia.org

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