onsdag, juli 8

Pagan symbols

The primary Pagan symbol, which looks like a devil, is known as a "fire god," according to a state grand jury.

Pagan patches frequently include the expression: "GFPD: God Forgives, Pagans Don't."

"Tattoos are similarly used by Pagans to signify club membership and as tools of intimidation. The wearing of 'colors' is used as both a symbol of club membership, and as a means of intimidating rival gang members and the general public," a grand jury says in a presentment issued against seven men who allegedly belong to the Westmoreland County chapter.

Bikers' leather jackets often are attached to their clothes with numerous pins so the colors are not left behind during fights.

Anyone who leaves the Pagans must turn in their colors, remove their tattoos, pay an "exit fee" of up to $2,000, forfeit ownership of their motorcycles and "sometimes is expected to leave town," according to the presentment.

Two members of Pagan motorcycle gang head to court

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